Screen Shot of game

I want to make 1D one of the best one dimensional games ever, so any input you can provide me would be helpful. If you have any app related issues, or just have some feedback please send an email to me at: -Enable Javascript to see email address-.


The main goal is to have fun. You can challenge yourself by trying to get a higher score, which is done by canceling pulses. When your avatar is black you can cancel blue pulses and when it is green you can cancel red pulses.
Time Mode: The green meter under the main playing field is your boost meter. When the boost meter turns red you can continue boosting until it runs out, but you will not be able to start boosting again until it becomes green again. You need to manage the boost meter carefully so you will have enough to cancel pulses when they appear and also maximize your combo score.
Match (Puzzle) Mode: You can only cancel one color pulse at a time so watch out for two different color pulses getting close to the avatar at the same time.
During game play if you play careful attention to the meters you will be able to learn how the combo system works allowing you to increase your best score.

Which of these options do you want to see most in 1D v1.2?